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SepticNET is an innovative, patented (US 8,241,717B1 & US 8,318,008B1), modular septic treatment system designed for use with new home construction; as an upgrade to existing on-site septic systems; or as a complete small community wastewater treatment system.

Invented, tested, and manufactured in Montana, SepticNET is a Level 2 wastewater treatment system approved by the Montana Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ).  SepticNET is approved for an effluent total nitrogen concentration of <7.5 mg/L with no limitations on flow rates; and no nitrate mixing zones; thus, making it the only MDEQ-approved technology capable of achieving that level of treatment from single family houses up to small communities.

SepticNET is able to achieve these low treatment levels without the use of methanol or other hazardous chemicals and without the use of complicated recycle/recirculation systems. SepticNET requires very little maintenance and is designed to run operator-free for long periods without the frequent bio-plugging and filter maintenance required by other systems.

SepticNET Advantages

The effectiveness of SepticNET at removing Total Nitrogen (TN), Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD), and Total Suspended Solids (TSS) for residential wastewater and its design flexibility provide numerous advantages for wastewater treatment. Some are listed below. For more complete details about the advantages of SepticNET, click here.

  • 320% Better Contaminant Removal
  • No Nitrate Mixing Zone
  • Smaller Drainfields
  • Longer Drainfield Life
  • Low Operation & Maintenance Cost
  • Easily Expandable
  • Montana Invented, Tested, and Manufactured

SepticNET PreDesigned, Available Systems

Residential Systems


  • Single Family, On-site System
  • Flows up to 500 GPD (5+bedroom house)
  • Underground Treatment Vault (10ft x 5.5ft x 8ft tall)


  • Multi-family or Shared, On-site System
  • Flows up to 1,000 GPD (2 to 4 households)
  • Underground Treatment Vault (18ft x 5.5ft x 8ft tall)

Small Community Systems1, 2

Community systems involve custom designs and can be designed for nearly any size small community.

Multiple SC-5K and SC-10K systems can be connected to accommodate flows in excess of 80,000 GPD.
Small Community systems requiring larger flow can be designed on a site-specific basis.

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